I want a new plane, what do you suggest? Saratoga, A36, cirr


Hi guys! Regards from the end of the world! Chile!

Two months or so ago I have a landing crush in my Cessna 414 Chancellor, we lost on engine in prctice and the other one can’t support the plane. We crashes into a wineyard, right away we touch the grapes the engine become on fire, and when we stoped at all, all the plane was on fire. We evacuated the tube right away and we can save ourself, with burns in arms, legs, hip and face; bit in one piece!

So, why I told you that, because the insurance recently pays the full rate, so I have to buy a new (used) plane. (anyway, I’d never like the cessna jajaja).

I’m kind of new in the aviation world, so I have to make a choise, but i wqnt to ask all you your opinions. We need the plane for cross country traveler, with between two and maybe sometimes 5 or 6 pax. Usually will be a 400nm ride or less.

We also use to operate in short dirt airfields, so it’s quite important for us can use on those condition. This following are my principal requirements for a plane:

Stall speed:
Consume: gph
Take off 50ft with 15 and 25 degrees (celsius):
Cruise speed:

I tryed the cirrus with my local dealer, and i like so much, but i read its a not safe plane… So, can you help me? I want to spend between 150 to 250k and put on the new plane a glass panel :slight_smile:. I will be in florida next week (i hope) and i want to meet some dealers, so we can make bussines qfter that by mail or phone. Can you help me, whqt do you recommend?


Stay away from Cirrus - if you loose that engine - it becomes a death trap - but if u do get one - buy urself an xpnsiv chute LOL> saratoga would be my choice or a used superking air with low tst. good luck.


Most bush pilots swear by vortex generators, something to look at when you decide.



The idea that the Cirrus is unsafe is a load of crap. Data doesn’t back it up. There are a number of crashes but that’s because of how many are flying.

That said it doesn’t sound like a Cirrus suits your needs. They are 4 place. They are poor on unimproved fields due to tight wheel pants and small tires. They are awesome cross country planes but you are talking 77 kts over the numbers so not ideal for short fields.


how short of dirt fields?


I test flew the first C207 with those installed. You could drag that baby in indicating 0 on the AS


I’ve owned my SR22GTS for six years, and put all but the first 7-production flight test hours on it. Fabulous plane…sweetheart to fly…fast, long range, and comfortable. Compare speed, range, payload, equipment, interior dimensions (I’m 6’4"), and SFC across the board…hard to beat any other four seater. That said, it’s not built for gravel. Good luck…and well-done handling the engine-out. Glad to still have you with us.


The saratoga, Retractable the fixed gear is slow.
We own JGH.