230 knot Cessna

A person on the COPA (CIRRUS PILOTS) said he talked to somewhere who knew pelton (cessna ceo). This person said the CESSNA NGP (a.k.a. Cirrus Killer) will do 230 knots IAS at 3000 feet! (this guy had flown it). The person said the plane will be at SUN N FUN.

I wonder how it can do that speed unless it has a 350 + hp engine. And that would translate to higher fuel flows?

Can you say advanced technology? It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cessna NGP could do 230 without a 350 hp engine or higher fuel flow. At the risk of oversimplifying, it’s just a matter of reducing empty weight and tweaking the aerodynamics of the aircraft.

I guess it depends what you mean by “tweaking.” The Columbia reports 235 knots with a turbonormalized 310 hp engine and a clean sheet of paper CAD designed advanced materials airframe. That is far from the current Cessna airframe designs and hard for me to believe that Cessna could achieve it with minor modifications (aka tweaks) to their existing riveted aluminum high drag airframes. To put that in perspective, Cessna currently gets 178 kts max cruise in their Stationair with a turbonormalized 310 hp engine (at 17,000’)

Aircraft in this class generally lose a few knots in the certification process, as well as gain a few pounds after getting all the extra’s that are not on the test bird. Lastly, changes for manufacturing efficiency will likely be made by a company like Cessna.

Bottom line, if its 230 now, plan on 215 by the time it gets to us.

I don’t think it will be 230 knots. Do you actually think a cessna will be faster than a Mooney Ovation 3? It doesn’t seem aerodynamic enough for those speeds. :unamused: If it is 230 knots at 3000 feet, you might as well call it the mooneycirruscolumbia killer. :laughing:

I’d love to see it happen, but more importantly, will it carry four adults with full fuel and stay within CG limits? That would be the Killer of many aircraft. :smiley:

By limiting the tanks to only 50 gallons, I am sure they can manage this. OTOH, I would rather have the option of carrying more fuel since the spread in avgas prices is now over $2.50 a gallon between airports I fly.

I find that figure extremely hard to believe. The PC12 has 1200HP, capable of 260knots true at altitude, and it’s hard to see anything more than 210knots in level flight at any altitude.

235 mph maybe…which would be 204 knots, that seems like something cessna can do

Cessna isn’t known for making the fastest pistons, but before the X they weren’t known for making the fastest jets either.

I was just reading up on the Sovereign today and saw that the X does 590. I know if I paid for a ride on either of those, I wouldn’t want it to be over too quickly. :angry:

I realize this is picking a nit, but I think it’s more like something Cessna chooses not to do rather than can’t do. Speed has just never been that high up on their priority list. OTOH, they may go for being a slight bit faster than Cirrus.

Picking on same nit, the “slower” Sovereign has over 620 sq ft cabin space. Makes for happy PAX!