Columbia 400 VS Cirrus G2


I have a 2004 Cessna Turbo 182. I’m considering buying a new plane that has alot more speed…Any comments and suggestion?? :question: :arrow_right:


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I suggest you tell us how you use your plane now, how that might be changing, what load you usually have, and how much pilot experience you have. All that would help us, help you.

Also, you might say how much you like the chute.

Definitely look at the related thread as well for a long discussion on spead among turbo 4 seaters.


I bought an SR22-G2 and brought it home early August. I’ve got about 75 hours in it now. I flew a Comanche 260 for 5 years before that and logged 500 hours in it. I find the SR22 a solid, comfortable airplane. I run LOP at about 13.1 gallons per hour at about 162 knots TAS. I wouldn’t run out and get one unless you’ve got a couple hundred hours in high performance but despite all the stories you may hear, it’s easy to hand fly and easy to land. It has predictable performance if you follow the numbers for all phases of flight. So far, I have no complaints and recommend it to anyone looking.