Cirrus SR22 vs Cessna g1000


Any thoughts on Cirrus Sr22 Vs cessna 182 G1000


Having flown both aircraft; SR-22 hands down, better performance, better avionics, safer. All around better aircraft.


I agree with the SR22 having better performance, and the safer part somewhat. The avionics of the G1000 are overall much better in my opinion. Of course, having owned a T182T with G1000 and G36, I am biased:) The SR22 safety is what you make it…meaning that you don’t takeoff into a thunderstorm or icing and use the chute as a bail out like many Cirrus pilots do:( If you’re based in the west, or fly at high altitudes, consider the turbocharged 182 or turbonormalized SR22. Overall, I’d say the SR22 is “slippier”, uses more runway for takeoff/landing (2,000-2,500+ feet comfortably at sea level), much faster, and has a lack of integration in the panel (nav/comms, etc). The 182 is the airplane with more service centers, a more reliable panel, short field, yet has no forward speed compared to the Cirrus. The Avidyne Entegra has had better reliability recently, but my hangar neighboor has had two full blown failures in his Cirrus in about 300 hours of flying and I am yet to have had one in either my T182T or G36 in over 700 hours total. In my opinion, the Cirrus is my pick out of the two, but we got the 182 as a stepping stone for my teenage son who is just learning to fly and wants to learn gradually up until his multi.


To me that’s just being smart, don’t push the aircraft and don’t push your self. To me the chute dosent replace ANY EMERGENCY PROCEDURE if you loose the engine, the plane will still glide. Put it down in a field. Only time I would use it, is during an airframe failure or if I was unable to fly the aircraft and had enough will to pull it

Either way…both very nice aircraft. I guess it just depends on what you are looking to do with the plane.


Article in this month’s AOPA magazine says you can get a Cirrus now with the Garmin panel (or Avidyne if you prefer). I think it’s extra for the Garmin package.


Yes, that’s correct although it is about an extra $50k I believe.


I don’t think its the “G1000” to me it looks completely different than the G1000. Same Box but the avadyne technology.

Guess I’m splitting hairs now huh