Cirrus to go with garmin!?

Rumors are circulating on the Cirrus Pilots website about an announcement of Garmin G1000. There is supposed to be something on Aero News Tuesday morning.

This really puts Avidyne in trouble

Wonder if they’d put a G1000 in their new LSA? Or possibly in The Jet? Maybe that’s the announcement…

Nope, its going in the SR-22, and looks like it might be available immediately as an option. Synthetic vision, integrated autopilot, the whole works. There’s a guy at our airport who’s supposed to have one being delivered next month. Hopefully I’ll get a peek. Doubtful it will make it in the LSA, but most likely they’ll want to put it in The Jet.
Aero News

There is no way they could afford to put in the Cirrus LSA, it’s around $50K just for the avionics. Cessna actually had Garmin develop a low cost panel specifically for the 162 to achieve their cost targets, which I expect will also find its way into other LSAs.

The 172 comes standard with G1000.

mistype corrected 172 should have been 162.

I knew what you meant.

To add on what I wrote earlier, this was the one thing I was sure Cirrus would never do (go with garmin g1000). However, I think that Cirrus must have sped up and announcement of this with their poor q1 deliveries. The cockpit looks great, and my biggest complaint (Avidyne) about Cirrus is gone. I expect Cessna and Diamond to react in the next few months…Cirrus has risen the bar.

And i suppose that this means that Avidyne is pretty much done for. I kinda like the FlightMax, i think its a bit easier to use than the G1000, although not as complete. Plus it has a much better engine page.

AvWeb YouTube video Cirrus-sized Garmin! First deliveries on June 3/08.

Forty eight thousand dollar Persepective Package.

ANN YouTube video

Yeah, this really surprised me. I can’t say I’m upset about the loss for Avidyne, but it’s not looking good for them. Hopefully this means that the market will now produce more training materials/items for the G1000 as it seems to have semi-standardized the market around that.

Avidyne will still be offered. In fact, it is 50,000 cheaper for the Avidyne model. However, I see most opting for the garmin, with the synthetic vision and superior autopilot.

From Flying’s e-newsletter:

Cirrus’s New Perspective Alters Avidyne’s
Market Position
One of the first questions many are asking is, “How will Avidyne survive, now that Cirrus has embraced Garmin?” The ultimate answer will come with time; but Avidyne has reminded the market that it is still the sole producer of avionics for the Cirrus SR20, and remains the standard suite for the SR22, for those buyers not willing to pony up the additional $48,000 (though history shows that most new aircraft buyers will pay the extra for the latest technology). Still, Avidyne has built a strong following with its new flight management system and has prospered in the market for multifunction-display retrofits in turbine aircraft as radar replacements. Avidyne’s lightning and traffic warning technology is also a formidable profit center, as is its complement of retrofit avionics.

I’m guessing Avidyne will survive, but would need to decrease production for now. In the mean time, they should have a couple guys at the drawing board trying to come up with something better.

I read in the current issue of AOPA magazine that Avidyne is developing an updated FMS that would integrate a nav/com and gps into the Flightmax Entegra eliminating the need for the Garmin 430’s. So they’re obviously working on something, and regardless who has a superior system the market definitely needs the competition.