Another Cirrus crash.

The plane was part of AirShares Elite.

Aero News.

It’s ironic that the ad that shows up in the above link to the ANN news article is for Cirrus!

The Cirrus is a different species and if you transfer from a 172 or 182 to a Cirrus you should log a few hours with a flight instructor. I just flew a Cirrus today and I was a little uncomfortable with the set-up and the feel. It’s something I’ll have to get used too but I was glad I had a Cirrus rep along with me.

So i’m wondering if the pilot was new to a Cirrus or had little hours logged??

Air Shares requires you to go through a transition training program and then an annual with a qualified instructor. … aq.php#q12


Are you looking at buying a Cirrus? Make sure you look at Mooney and Lancair if you are.

Yup, I’m interested in a Mooney and hopefully my old ground school instructor will let me fly his in the near future. I’m also interested in the Grand Caravan. I like the size and the fact I wont need a multi-engine rating.

The book is still out, like they say “try before you buy”

You should communicate with my son (CFIJames). His wife’s employer flies Caravans and she’s the OPs person who knows all the details of aircraft uptime and downtime in real life.

O.K I just need to ask a couple of questions. Does the company use the Caravans for cargo or passenger use? Do they sell used Caravans?

I told my wife I wanted a Caravan and she asked me why I wanted a mini-van? LOL

Passengers principally, but like most Part 135 operators they’ll often fly high value cargo at night.

I’m not aware of them selling any aircraft.