disproportionate number of mooney engine failures?


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I have a relative who’s seriously considering trading up to a early 80’s Mooney 201 from his Grumman AA-1B. I like Mooney’s, although never flown one myself, and know that Mooney pilots/owners love their airplanes like crazy. It seems though, that I have heard about more in-flight mechanical engine failures in Mooney’s than any other plane I can think of. To be clear, when I say that I’ve “heard,” I mean through other pilot friends, Flying mag stories and a bunch of online reading, etc. Does anyone else feel the same way? Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or maybe there are actually more mechanical engine failures in Mooney’s for various reasons (small engine compartment, hard to see problems visually?). I don’t know. Some input from someone with Mooney experience or any experience for that matter is appreciated. I’m a Cessna guy, so I’m slightly out of my comfort zone in this conversation.

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I don’t know if someone will get mad if I mention a publication, but Aviation Consumer Mag gives great reports on used birds which discuss problems peculiar to them and quantifies the “incident/accident” data.

Also, check out AOPA’s excellent accident data base wherein you can insert the model of almost any aircraft and review the reports for yourself.

Also the FAA’s website will allow you to search for all ADs on a particular aircraft and you can sign up to get timely emails of any future ADs or SAIBs.

From what I know, good research and retaining an INDEPENDENT A&P with verifiable knowledge and service experience to do a pre-buy inspection is the best way to go.


Great information. I’ll check these things out. Much appreciated.


If you’re talking about the Continental IO-550-G it’s a great motor.