Check out this flight.

It’s a B738 from PAE to HNL! 5 hours and 50 minutes!

Air China 58

I didn’t know Airlines flew from PAE!


Delivery flight?


yah. Looks like Air China is getting delivery of some 737s island jumping from Seatle. Just that last one starts from Snohomish. Don’t know why, though.


Boeing makes 47s, 67s, 77s, and soon the 87 at PAE. The 37s are made a Renton (RNT).


In addition to the Boeing wide-body plant at PAE, there is a Goodyear/Traamco maintanence facility (on the other side of the airport). As mentioned in another thread, Southwest 737s are frequent visitors and it is not unusual for other carriers’ airplanes to be serviced there too.

The China 738 probably had some extra pre-delivery work (interior fit etc.) done by Goodyear.


Here is a photo of Air China 058 taking off from Paine Field enroute to Hawaii.