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Boeing 777-X (777-9) Photo Flight

Caught this on my ADSB just now. Zoomed in so you could see the 2 separate flights. It looked funky at first that is how I caught it. If you look on Plane List you can See the Callsigns BOE38F and BOE001. 38F is their T-38 they use for Photo runs.

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Where were they flying? I picked up BOE003 a couple of days ago, flying ~300 miles out-and-back loops from PAE to somewhere out over the Pacific west of the OR/CA border.

They were just East of Moses Lake Washington.

I see that spotter Talon flying along side the 777X almost daily recently. I also noticed the 737-MAX has been testing a lot more hours over the Olympics and I assume the Pacific ocean.

Normally I dont look at 737s, will have to see if I see the Maxes, They are using BOE Callsigns ?

Yes, I think they were BOE callsigns. I do most of my watching in VRS and for those already registered it tends to show the owning airline’s country flag and airline name IIRC, but I’m pretty sure these were BOE call signs.

I’ve seen the 777’s draw a big box from Moses late, north, west and down the coast to near Oregon and east back towards the cascades. I think I’ve spotted the spotter Talon almost every day this week since the icon stands out uniquely on my map. The 737MAX I’ve seen mostly going in and out of the Olympics. I lose them about where the coast is but followed on FR24 and noticed a lot of up/down testing and speed changes.

Both types seem to be using Moses Lake, PAE and BFI airports, and I think the spotter usually returns to BFI if I’m not mistaken.