Missing information on Boeing 787 test flights

I have noticed that the 787 test flights (BOE1 to BOE4) no longer have track logs. The departure time may be correct, but the arrival time is often missing. Is the information being blocked?

It appears that they are not live tracking either. I’m listening to BOE004 on HF over the Pacific about 150-200 miles off the coast near LAX and there is no flight track showing on here. :open_mouth:

By the way, I’ve already addressed this once here - discussions.flightaware.com/view … ht=history but it went ignored even after a ‘bump’ so I guess no-one cares…

Unfortunately flights operating or originating near Edwards don’t tend to report data very reliably. Not sure exactly what the issue is.

The ones I am looking at are all out of KBFI - so nothing to do with Edwards. The notion of the information being blocked (I was thinking by Boeing) is unlikely, as 787flighttest.com/ links back to FlightAware…

Found the issue, the FAA is sending flightplan data as BOEx but positions as BOE00x… we’re working on a fix.

Great! Many thanks!

Saturday So California Logistics (KVCV) flight was on this link.
It was flying under it’s tail number.

Sometime this site ( flightradar24.com/ ) Has the 787 flying around live on it.
Just have to look for it :slight_smile: There shouldn’t be more then 1 minute delay on the flight.

Imho you should show the flights as per the ARCID on the FPL. If the FPL shows BOE001 then that’s what it should show here instead of you removing digits to suit. I know you said that it’s for numpty visitors that won’t think to include them but that’s their problem. I’m sure some message could be put up for when flights searched for are not found, eg. ‘BOE1 was not found. If you’re sure about the identity, try BOE001’ etc. 2 min job.