Missing flights

Two flights I was watching (ANA681, ANA682) were scheduled to fly today and actually did according to the ANA website (and my friend who flew on it).

The FlightEx response is now returning -1 for departure/arrival times as if it was cancelled. But it was not cancelled. I think the aircraft was changed at the last minute from 787 to 777-200, and perhaps this contributed to confusion in the system??

Please let me know if it’s possible to get the flight data (track etc.) or not.


Unfortunately, those flights were operated in a slightly unusual way that did not permit us to track them at the time. Although we have archived the raw data from that flight, it’s not practical for us to attempt to reconstruct the flight retroactively and manually reinsert it into our database. We are investigating a generic fix for the specific condition that occurred on those flights for the future though.

Awesome thanks for the really quick reply.
As someone who works on a team building APIs backed by other APIs and systems, I understand how these things go. Glad to hear you guys are working on that case.

Good luck!
I’ll make a plan with my date :wink:

Thanks again,