Missing data on lots of flights using FlightInfoEx

During my testing of FlightInfoEx i have returned more missing data than available on random flights.

Example = RYR553@1475564400 returns -1 for actualdeparturetime

#<FlightExStruct:0x00000001ac41c0 @actualarrivaltime=-1, @actualdeparturetime=-1, @aircrafttype="B738", @destination="EIDW", @destinationCity="Dublin IE", @destinationName="Dublin Int'l", @diverted="", @estimatedarrivaltime=-1, @faFlightID="RYR553-1475386053-airline-0197", @filed_airspeed_kts=215, @filed_airspeed_mach="", @filed_altitude=0, @filed_departuretime=1475564400, @filed_ete="00:41:00", @filed_time=1475386053, @ident="RYR553", @origin="EGCC", @originCity="Manchester, England GB", @originName="Manchester", @route="">]

this is one example but ive found many more. Not sure if this is normal and/or if the data is yet to be updated and if so how often this happens?


actualdeparturetime or actualarrivaltime of -1 indicates that the flight was cancelled, or we did not receive data in support of it operating.

Will you implement a method to at least distinguish between the two possibilities? Maybe include cancelled information status within the feed so if that doesn’t exist i know the data was not supplied and try again in the future.
Assuming missing data is eventually supplied or will it remain empty?


What are some example flights that you have seen this on?

Thanks for the reply,

Here are a list of ident@departuretime examples with missing data.
Checking other sources for these flights confirm they were not cancelled so it seems to be something else?



I’ve asked another colleague to investigate these specific instances and provide a response, but I would say it looks like there was insufficient data received for us to track those flights properly. Unfortunately, European regulations prevent the public availability of flightplan and radar information in the same way that it is in other parts of the world.

Thank you for the help so far, i would appreciate knowing your colleagues response. While i realise Flightaware’s European data is not as strong as your US data, it is European flights i’m most interested in. It appears your website feed usually has very accurate data for the airlines i mentioned above so wonder what would cause a break in that trend.

Another question relating to the actualArrivalTime, is this runway time or gate time? i am particularly interested in the latter.