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Weird values in returned time fields


I called FlightXML2 FlightInfo API and for one flight I received a record with both estimatedarrivaltime and actualarrivaltime equal to -1:

“ident”: “JBU1317”,
“aircrafttype”: “E190”,
“filed_ete”: “00:51:00”,
“filed_time”: 1585058715,
“filed_departuretime”: 1585062600,
“filed_airspeed_kts”: 177,
“filed_airspeed_mach”: “”,
“filed_altitude”: 0,
“route”: “”,
“actualdeparturetime”: -1,
“estimatedarrivaltime”: -1,
“actualarrivaltime”: -1,
“diverted”: “”,
“origin”: “KBOS”,
“destination”: “KJFK”,
“originName”: “Boston Logan Intl”,
“originCity”: “Boston, MA”,
“destinationName”: “John F Kennedy Intl”,
“destinationCity”: “New York, NY”

What does it mean ? Previously I had zero value in actualarrivaltime and assumed that flight is in progress. Does it mean some special flight status ?


Hi, this represents a cancelled flight.

Here’s some other example statuses that can be derived from the time values: