Flights delay record return 0 or, -1 in method FlightInfoEx


First I call **AirlineFlightSchedules **on date Wed, 18 Feb 2015 00:00:00 GMT to Wed, 18 Feb 2015 23:59:59 GMT then response result returns “ident” = ‘NAX2510’.

Then I want to know if flights is delay or, not. So I call FlightInfoEx with flights ident number ( NAX2510 ). On response value will be multiple so we just check ‘departuretime’ which is get form ‘AirlineFlightSchedules’ with ‘filed_departuretime’. But the selected record have ‘actualdeparturetime’ and ‘actualarrivaltime’ is 0. I have check data form another site and it shows flights is delayed 5:35 hrs.

I have calls this API with another data but it will still return 0 or -1.

So please help me the API FlightInfoEx will not return delay records or, I will make any mistakes.

actualdeparturetime or actualarrivaltime of 0 means that the flight has not departed/arrived yet (ie: it is still in the future).

Values of -1 imply that the flight has been cancelled and not to expect a departure or arrival to occur.

(actualarrivaltime == actualdeparturetime && actualdeparturetime > 0) implies that the flight result is unknown. The flight departed, but we didn’t receive positive confirmation of arrival, however we suspect it did arrive.

As per your reply actualdeparturetime or actualarrivaltime of 0 means that the flight has not departed/arrived yet (ie: it is still in the future).

But in my case when I call FlightInfoEx with ident “NAX777” it returns flowing data.

                        [faFlightID] => NAX777-1424806800-schedule-0033:2
                        [ident] => NAX777
                        [aircrafttype] => B738
                        [filed_ete] => 00:35:40
                        [filed_time] => 1424985654
                          [filed_departuretime] => 1424979600
                        [filed_airspeed_kts] => 0
                        [filed_airspeed_mach] => 
                        [filed_altitude] => 0
                        [route] => 
                        [actualdeparturetime] => 0
                        [estimatedarrivaltime] => 1424995490
                        [actualarrivaltime] => 0
                        [diverted] => 
                        [origin] => ENVA
                        [destination] => ENGM
                        [originName] => Trondheim, Vaernes
                        [originCity] => Stjordal, Nord
                        [destinationName] => Oslo, Gardermoen
                        [destinationCity] => Oslo

When I convert “filed_departuretime” timestamps to simple read able format the flights departure date is Thu, 26 Feb 2015 19:40:00 (1424979600).

So the flights is still in the future or, not departed/arrived yet ?


actualdeparturetime is 0, so the flight has not departed yet.

(actualarrivaltime is also 0, so it also hasn’t arrived yet, but that is implied if it hasn’t departed.)

I have call FlightInfoEx multiple time with different delay flight data which is almost 3 to 4 day old. Actually I want delayed time of a flight when the flight actually arrived.

I have check the delay flights records form another resource and most of case the flights are delayed more then 3 hrs. But in your API (FlightInfoEx) same records returns response 0 or, -1 for actual arrival or, departure date.

For example flights number DY777 on date 26.02.2015. This flight departure time 26 Feb 2015 20:40:00 GMT an arrival time 26 Feb 2015 21:35:00 GMT. The flight actual arrival time is 27 Feb 2015 01:10:00 GMT. The flight total delay time 3:35 hrs. We have call you FlightInfoEx method for geting data on 02.03.215 that means we have search 4 day past data.

Can you please suggest we will call wrong method for getting delay flights records.

I have the same problem here. Has this been solved? What is explained by the flight aware does not make sense since when I track the flight from FlightAware web site I actually do see the actual departure times but when I query them they still return 0 as an answer

Can you please let us know what query parameters you’re using when making the request and which results you are then verifying on the site? Depending on how frequent an ident is scheduled to fly the first few results may be future flights that would correctly return 0 for both actualdeparturetome and actualarrivaltime.