Not getting a response from Flight Aware


Our call with the API is no longer getting a response. The last successful response that we have had was approximately 545 minutes ago (9+ hours). We were only made aware of this recently and are unsure what might have caused this. We have done no recent changes to our servers or our files.

Please advice on what the next best steps would be to resolve this issue.


Does this occur with all FlightXML methods? Does it just timeout, or are you receiving an http error or other exception? Do you have IPv6 connectivity enabled? Are you able to access our website from the same computer without problems?


This is an error through a web application. The error that I’m getting is that there is “no data available”.


What username are you using for your FlightXML requests, since it’s not “beaucowan”?




I’m not able to reproduce any FlightXML problems, and our automated test suite is still passing the expected tests. That account still appears to be making a lot of requests, so there doesn’t seem to be any connectivity problems.

Can you give a specific example of a few actual requests that you expect to succeed but aren’t?


Thank you for looking into this. Our script is working again. I think what happened is one of my calls to “FlightInfoEx” was returning a “no data available” and erroring out the entire script. The flight in question must have just landed and therefore not contained in my loop. In the script, I’m first doing a “Search” and then getting more info through “FlightInfoEx”. I will make an accommodation for that line. As a follow up, is it likely that “FlightInfoEx” might not respond with data? If so, what are the likely circumstances?



FlightInfoEx might return no results if the flight is old enough to pass outside of the ~2 week window accessible by FlightXML. Also some faFlightID values might become invalid if our backend decides that the flight plan should be deleted (not the same as a flight cancellation).