No Customer Support?


Posting here since my emails are going unanswered.

On January 14th, I sent an email to the ‘contact’ email which opened a ticket (186344) regarding missing and incorrectly formatted fields in flightXML3 that I found during testing.

I received two responses on the 15th and 16th asking for more info (which I provided with several examples on each issue) and was told that they will get back to me.

I followed up a little over a month later on February 25th and then again on March 6th. I received no response to either email.

Around March 8th or 9th, I followed up with the online chat support, who told me that the contact person for this ticket was out on vacation and that they would be in contact with me when they returned on Sunday, March 11.

On March 19th, I still hadn’t received any response, so I sent another email to contact [at], hoping maybe somebody else would see it and follow up. Nobody has responded to that email, either

In January, I signed up for the FlightXML3 Silver plan. I have since upgraded to the Platinum plan and have spent over $1,000 on FlightXML3 since opening this ticket. This is an unacceptable level of customer service and I am curious if others here have experienced the same.


Hello Robert,

I sincerely apologize for the lack of response with your case. I see your email with our support and will email you back immediately with an update.


You’re not alone; response times have been very slow for my support inquiries too - not as bad as what you have had, but, there have been times where it’s taken a long time and multiple emails / phone calls hounding for followup to get an answer.

To be fair to FlightAware, when I eventually do get answers, they’re helpful and meet or exceed my expectations - it just takes way, way too long to get answers.