I have heard you talk about the new version of the api XML3 in various answers to posts. Is it possible to get a heads up on what the api will look like and when it will be released. I have seen you mention 2016 but it would be good to narrow this down if possible. I am developing my apps to use your data and the current api doesn’t quite match what I need to do. It would be helpful to get a heads up on XML3 so I know whether to delay until that is released. Any info you can give would be helpful.


No time schedule is available for the new release yet. We’ll probably start by offering a free beta period for a few weeks starting sometime mid-year before switching it over to production usage.

Any updates on FlightXML3? Beta release before the end of 2016?


We think there is enough demand and momentum this time to actually launch the beta before the end of 2016.

Any further updates on when FlightXML 3 is coming now that it’s 2017?

I’ve had a project on hold since 2015 waiting for this API release, hoping it’s coming reasonably soon :slight_smile:

We are still refining some final details and hope to be able to expose the FlightXML 3 beta soon.

any updates to the beta date?

It is still under development. We will announce here once it is available for testing.

Bumping this thread, any ideas on timeline?

FlightXML3 is actively under development now. It looks like it’ll be ~4 weeks until we are ready to start a beta.

Can’t wait to see the updated product!

I just started working on a project, and am wondering if it might make sense to hold off until this new version is up and running. How open will the beta be - will any customer be able to get access, or will it be invite only?

The beta will be open to anyone interested. It looks like we should have it ready sometime next week. More information about it will be announced at that point.

Any updates on FlightXML 3.0 Release?

Final touches for the beta are being wrapped up now. We’re in the process of putting together the sign-up pages. A little behind the two weeks I said two week ago, but it appears it should be in place around the end of May.

I’m beginning to develop a new application and want to take a look at the XML3 beta. Is there any update on this?

They’re almost done with the sign-up pages. Hopefully we will have it out end of this week or beginning of next week.

I’m pretty excited about v3 for a project I’m working on. Trying to wrap my head around all of the current calculations I’m having to do just to get delay is exhausting.

Any new updates? We have been holding off on signing with FlightStats for 3 months waiting for the delayed FXML 3.

It’ll be out this month. The final touches before release have taken a little longer than I estimated, but it’s getting close.

Hello, could we get a status update? I’m starting a new project and am very interested in v3.