FlightXML 2.0 beta feedback

As mentioned previously in this forum, we’ve started work on FlightXML 2.0 and would now like your help beta testing it.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta testing opportunity and there may be occasional periods of service unavailability. During this beta period we will periodically update the WSDL and function listing, so you should be prepared for occasional changes. There will be no usage charges billed to users during this beta period, so we welcome all willing users to participate.

If you want to get started, check out the following page:

We wanted to allow this new version to introduce potentially backwards-compatibility breaking changes, so the major version number “2.0” clearly reflects this.

The most significant change that will affect users is a transition to a newer SOAP/WSDL version and framework. This may require changes to your application and client library, beyond just changing the URL of the WSDL.

There have also been some function name changes in order to harmonize the naming. This was particularly visible on Ruby, where the language prohibits functions from being entirely uppercase (which resulted in “METAR” getting transformed into “mETAR” in FlightXML 1.0).

A few new functions have already been made available, and we will be adding a number more in the next few weeks. The new functions are listed on the above documentation page.

Users that are currently running applications using FlightXML 1.0 will be welcome to continue using the older 1.0 infrastructure without any immediate concerns about needing to upgrade. FlightAware currently has plans to operate both infrastructures in parallel once FlightXML 2.0 goes into production.

We expect the FlightXML 2.0 beta to finish in about a month (around the beginning of July), but that will depend on user feedback and our functional and quality goals.

Please feel free to leave feedback here in this thread with your successes, problems, questions, or suggestions! Thanks!