FlightXML 2.0 is officially released


FlightAware is proud to announce the general availability of FlightXML 2.0, the latest version of our API (Application Programming Interface) that allows your company to incorporate FlightAware technology into existing or new aviation software applications.

This new version of FlightXML adds 15 new functions, which expose search and query capabilities that were not previously possible. It also provides compatibility with the latest SOAP “Document/Literal” standard, making it easier than ever to integrate with modern development frameworks.

General details about FlightXML are available at:

Technical details about using FlightXML 2.0, including links to the API reference guide and example code for several programming languages are at:

As a part of this official launch, we are allowing free use of FlightXML 2.0 until September 1, 2010. Pricing thereafter has not yet been published, but users can expect pricing that will be lower than FlightXML 1.0

Feel free to post any questions, problems, or suggestions in this forum, or contact us directly.