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Integrating XML data into Dispatching Software

Good Afternoon,

I am a novice when it comes to working with APIs and XML data. I am hoping that this community will be able to assist me here.

My company uses a program that is designed to work with Flightview. The problem is that we don’t track enough flights to justify their annual price. So I am trying to see if it is possible to get FlightAware to work with it.

Is there a way to get FlightAwares API to pull the XML data from a URL like this?
If so, can you help me get this working?

Thank you so much.

It would be possible for you to develop a server-hosted webpage that accesses our FlightXML API and outputs an FlightView-compatible XML, which you could configure your application to use. However, FlightXML by itself does not output data in the format your application is expecting, and I’m not aware of anyone having done that particular combination already. One could probably implement that webpage pretty quickly in PHP or a similar language.

Another option would be for you to contact the developer of that application and ask them to add native support for FlightXML, although they may or may not be willing to do that.