Feedback for the upcoming FlightXML 2.0 API

FlightAware has recently completed a migration of FlightXML to the latest FlightAware server platform. As a result, you should experience more timely and precise data, faster service response, and great reliability.

Now, the FlightAware development team is beginning development of FlightXML 2.0, our next generation version of FlightXML, the most popular flight tracking API on the Internet. We are looking for your feedback to define new features and product changes that will improve your implementations and help you make useful products that incorporate FlightAware data.

If you have a great idea for a new application but are missing a FlightXML function to make it possible, let us know what you are looking for. We already have a few ideas of our own, but we’d like to incorporate suggestions from our user community to ensure that we are meeting everyone’s needs.

Please post your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to this thread. Additionally, please expect a number of new FlightXML announcements in the coming months.

Sounds great…I’ll go through my notes & post some suggestions later.

Do you need any beta testers?



Once we get some of the new functionality ready for external testing, we’ll publish a new endpoint URL for it and let anyone try it out. However, expect the functionality at that new URL to be under frequent revision until things are finalized. We’ll announce here once that is available.