[ Integration ] API function Inquery

Hello Support,
We are looking for some way to integrate our intranet system with your flight-info system which could display flight real-time location on map.

Like the following, especially the map on the left,

What we have in our system is flight number, like BR-12, CI-0601 etc,

wonder if there is easy way, we could pass parameters to your website so the map with flight info is generated, like this

zh-tw.flightaware.com/live/fligh … /RCTP/KLAX

pls advise,

any response will be appreciated,


You can link to our website using permalinks if you know the faFlightId by using the format flightaware.com/live/flight/id/XXXXXX, where XXXXX is the faFlightId that you’ve obtained from FlightXML.

In general, you will want to try to convert the idents to use ICAO instead of IATA airline identifiers. Although FlightXML and our website can try to perform these conversions automatically, they can only be done when there is no ambiguity in codes and the airline identifier does not resemble an aircraft registration from another country.

You can use the FlightInfoEx function in FlightXML to look up the faFlightID of flights that have been operated within the last 2 weeks.