FlightXML Ver3 has lesser APIs than FlightXML Ver2?



I recently subscribed to Starter pack of FlightAware and I found that it gives access to only FlightXML Ver3 and NOT FlightXML Ver2?
I tried accessing Ver2 apis and got Authorisation errors while for Ver3, it worked.
Documentation for Ver3 has lot fewer apis than ver2.
Some of interest not present in Ver3 are AllAirlines() and AllAirports() to get ICAO identifiers of supported ones.

Can you suggest how I can do a workaround on that or by what timeframe(weeks/months?) all those api(s) would be available for Ver3 also?




You can also use the FlightXML2 but you need a separate key.

  • Bruce


As mentioned you can sign up for Version 2 for the functionality not yet available in V3.

V3 is in beta right now and we are working on bug fixes and the additional functions for it. It’ll be an ongoing process through the end of this year, but as we complete work on the additional methods they will be made available in the beta.