AeroAPI no longer returns data


I’ve got an app that uses the URL to retrieve flights for a single aircraft. The cron job that runs this stopped returning data on 4/14 of this year. I can see that there have been a bunch of flights between then and now, but I receive the result {"error":"NO_DATA no data available"}.

I can reproduce this issue by running the curl call:

curl --user myuser:mykey "" -v

Is there an issue with my account that I don’t see, or is there something with the way I’m calling the API that has changed?

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It appears that aircraft is blocked from public tracking.

Correct. I had thought that this was the case for a few years and that this account still had access to consume the data via the API key. Is there a way to check this in the aircraft owner’s account? I do have access if it’s a matter of allowing the API key to function.

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We need to find out what changed, because it had been working up until the date mentioned above. Can someone please investigate for us?

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I have sent you a private message with regard to this discussion.