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GetHistoricalTrack: "no data available"

Hi there,

I’ve just signed up and am starting to use the FlightXML API. Only I don’t seem to be getting track data I expect from the calls (given I see the data on the flightaware.com website, and these are for recent flights).

For example:

$ curl 'http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/FlightInfoEx?ident=RLK229&howMany=20'
{"FlightInfoExResult":{"next_offset":-1,"flights":..., {
  "route":"EMRAG1B TULMI AATG1",
}, ... ]}}
$ curl 'http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/GetHistoricalTrack?faFlightID=RLK229-1394861670-50-0'
{"error":"no data available"}

This flight was just last weekend, but even more recent flights give the same “no data available” response. There is track data for this flight somewhere: flightaware.com/live/flight/RLK2 … G/tracklog shows a table with coordinates, speeds etc for this very flight. And I can retrieve track information for other flights (for example, random US flights) using the calls above.

I guess I’m still hopeful I can get the data for this flight programatically, but at the moment I’m not sure if:

  1. I’m doing something wrong;

  2. There’s an issue server-side meaning the data isn’t being returned;

  3. The (NZ?) source of the data has licensing issues, or similar, meaning it can’t be returned (even though the raw data is visible in an HTML table).

Any help or pointers would be appreciated!