BOE438...What's it doing?

Is Boeing doing flight testing off the Oregon coast? Route is from KPAE-KPAE in a 738. It’s done 2 loops off the OR coast. Any ideas.


The majority of BOE flights are test flights.

Rob Knapp, a member here, has an excellent page on Boeing Deliveries at

I figured as much! Thanks for the reply! I’ll take a peek at that link.


This is a test flight for Alaska Air’s Plane id N558AS

Ya just gotta love a town whose airport’s 4-letter identifier is “KRAP”! :laughing:

“Yeah, I just flew into KRAP”!

Flew over KOLD, Maine the other day.

On a slightly more perverted note… My home base is I69, and i flew into Little Rock the other month… KLIT.

Now this made me laugh!

Also been into KIWI maine, athough it is not at all similar to New Zealand.

Anyone who’s flown to Finland has probably been through HEL.


…No worries. The day job is secure.

I don’t know, but some kinds of tests for Boeing I think, rather than Alaska Airlines. It’s been flying about in green primer with a Boeing test reg for a few weeks now.

Boeing flight numbers are not exclusive to one aircraft. BOE438 is used for many different aircraft. If you click on the (more) link you’ll see that BOE438 was also used for B772.

Yes I’m aware of that thanks.