Boeing 777-LR doing odd maneuvers over NE Oregon


Check out the most recent flight track from Boeing Field for this one:;origin=KBFI;destination=KBFI;key=36461cce3b1f507476f9ec25ac77df5da6807585

You can always check out BOE2 as well


Possibly a Boeing and/or customer evaluation flight.


These kind of tracks are common for Boeing test flights (BOExxx). It is a bit unusual for a 777 to be testing out of BFI, but I suspect this is the prototype -LR.


Tracking the Boeing test and delivery flights is my “speciaility”. The LR’s are based at BFI and do testing from there. All the other “normal” biggies test and deliver from PAE as usual.

If you ever see any BOE flight number on the tracker and want to know what it is, reg/tail no. wise or airline etc, just drop me a line and I’ll be able to tell you straight away.