Boeing 787 Over Florida


I was listening to ATC the other night and thought I heard the “Boeing” Callsign but was too tired to allow it to fully register.

While tracking another flight today, I came accross this: … /KNYL/KFLL

Is there a particular reason the 787 was in the area? Is this usual?


They have been doing increasingly long test flights in different conditions. I saw one flight that went from Seattle to over the Arctic Ocean and back, and another that circled for hours over the Pacific Ocean off of Oregon.


According to: … fleet.html

seems like it for hot weather testing.


A Boeing 787 is calling FLL home for most of this of week, temperature and humidity testing.


I flew out of KFLL Sunday night and saw it there, unfortunately no camera. The NASA DC-8 can also be seen at KFLL these days. I will be back in FL Friday night and if I am not too late may get to take a few photos

#6 continues testing.