BOE ferry


Don’t know if you anybody can help me or not but I’m trying to figure out what time a Boeing ferry flight is. I heard it was going to be on January 2 from PDX to PAE, it’s a 777-300, And it was at pdx for Painting. I Believe its for Aeroflot. I thought I could find information on it, But None of Boeings test flights or ferry flights are on here. I know it’s short Notice and it’s fine if no one knows. Also if anybody Knows a way to get this information for future reference I had to hear it. Please and thank you.


Maybe try this, ?


I did, that’s what I tried first, And no Boeing flights showed up.


Most of our Ferry flights will not show up until about 30-60 min before departure. We have schedules available on what day but
they are Boeing Limited and I like my job.