BOE212? Weird Routes...


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BOE212 has some weird routes asscioated with it. BFI-GED, GED-BFI, as well as BFI-BGR.

I noticed It’s enroute now, and I was wondering if anyone had any info on it.




The latest BOE212 is a transatlantic delivery flight. The local ones (MWH, RNT) would have been test flights. GED (Sussex County) is a bit of a mystery - I’d guess it’s a typo for GEG (Spokane).


I don’t think GED is a typo for GEG. You have to account for the average flight time of nearly 5 hours. That sounds more transcontinental than transstate.

The latest KBFI/KBGR flight is a bit irregular. Two flight plans filed, but later one is just 28 minutes, take-off to landing. Not real! I’d guess that you’d want to blend the first plan’s take-off into the second plan’s landing.


See Latest Movements at Boeing, Seattle. Search for “GED” to see which aircraft this might be.


I can tell you exactly what it is. It’s the first AEW&C aircraft for the Turkish AF.

GED is correct. I believe some interior fitment is done there (Sussex County).

I’m about a week behind at the moment, with a fresh update to come over the weekend but you might like to check out my Boeing deliveries page at


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