Boeing Delivery to Southwest Airlines


If I wanted to track a SWA delivery flight(s) from Boeing
what would be the best way to hunt for it (them?)


Contact user RobK, he’s the delivery flight expert.


You can also check flights out of PAE. Look for SWAxxxx where xxxx is 4000 or higher.


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ssomer, what do you want to know? The past months worth of Boeing delivery flights can be found on my page at or if you require details of an older delivery, just ask and I’ll probably know the answer.



damiross, 737 deliveries go out of BFI not PAE. PAE is the maintenance base for SWA as far as I know. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, Rob.


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I know they received a plane about 10-15 days or so. Just wanted some additional information. I’ll check the above mentioned links and see if it what I’m looking for.


235 delivered 11th
236 … 25th
237 … 27th


They usually go from Boeing to Phoenix maint base with an unusual number ie 5001. See Dick Karl’s Flying magazine two part series on Southwest delivery flight procedures.

Also, see boeing test flights leaving Renton on maiden flight. They usually go up Olympic Peninsula then to eastern Washington for work at Grant County then return to BFI via YKM. … /KRNT/KMWH


PAE is 747/767/777/787 Boeing plant. Also Goodrich (TRAMCO) does heavy maint for SWA and some paint for Boeing there.


This one won’t belong to Southwest.


SWA only does 737 series right now. So PAE applys to other airlines at least on the construction end.


remembering past information on the site I know this BOE flight was assigned to a SWA test flight.


Looking at my notes regarding BOExxx numbers before they were pulled down, I think the BOE286 corespons with N238WN.

RobK got your ears on?

It ran BFI-BFI from 2112-2152 UTC with other activity earlier in the day on May 18th.


That’s C-FTDW, a B738 for Sunwing Airlines of Canada.


I got me ears on, aye! Like I explained to you in the email, the BOExxx numbers are still there but now under the BLOCK column. eg, YM286 = BOE286.



Thanks for the explanation about how to identifity which planes corespond
to which BOE number using the ymxxx column.


Lots of entries for BOE293 today.


I’m just sorting out a few teething problems with the script, then you’ll be able to search my entire Boeing db for whatever you want. Should be online soon on the new site. :slight_smile: