Southwest takes delivery of their -800 at KPAE

This is different from their usual delivery locations of KPHX and KDAL. Must be getting some additional things done to it.

You sure? I know they fly 737s in here for the company south of us on the airport that does
checks and equip installs.

It’s just their first -800 which is why it’s special.

The aircraft is initially going to be used from MDW and BWI to Florida initially. Later they have plans to use its extra capacity to offer more seats in slot-controlled markets like LGA and EWR and its ETOPS capability to serve Hawaii (Southwest still needs to certify their operating certificate (which they now have a single operating certificate with Airtran) for ETOPS which will take some time. However their extensive history operating the 737NG and Airtran’s extensive experience operating the 737NG overwater should make that a fairly simple process.

Southwest took delivery of their second -800 today also at KPAE under flight SWA8505.

Flew to PAE for Wifi installation, will be done in about 10 days then fly to DAL.