UPS 9469 Diverted


UPS9469 was originally headed to SAN but around the WA/OR border on J5 it did a 180 and at is currently (13:20 PDT) headed right back to Paine Field. That’s gotta be expensive on the fuel bill.

I am so **** at myself for not having my camera right next to me when it flew by my house. It must have been at about 2000 +/- 500 ft. It was fly really low. Every once in a while, I see a 737NG or bizjet fly over at a low altitude to/from PAE.

The track log is pretty messed up altitude wise. It says it’s at 4000 inbound abeam SUMAA intersection be the Cascade mountains are at least 5000-7000 in that area. (14:08 46.52 -121.40 334 4000)

Edit: (13:30 PDT) UPS9469 is still scheduled to land back at PAE seems to be in a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy long hold. It’s gotta be at least 60-70nm long.


Heading back south again. I bet one of the pilots forgot to leave a tip for the ground crew before they left…

Looks like it’s back on its way to SAN.

Considering the flight number, I’d say this was a delivery flight. The loop-d-loop over Washington state was not a diversion but a planned.

FA showed it was a diversion. They changed it now. But yes, you’re probably right.