UPS 104 KRFD - KPANC huge diversion?


Can anyone look at this flight and tell me what may have occurred? … /KRFD/PANC

If you look at the graph you’ll see that at 4:18am the airplane took a 1000 foot drop, made a 110º right turn and jumped the airspeed from 451 to 522. The aircraft then flew far off the flight plan to then turn back and come back to almost the original diversion point. It can’t be weather because that’s just a huge diversion for weather and its a freight flight so they would punch through it or pick their way through.

Anyway, I’d love to know. I’ve noticed another aircraft do almost the exact same thing about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks everyone!


Something happened in the data stream, most likely.


I thought they were testing their thrusters…