must have been quite a ride/wind shear

I was just listening to PANC tower.
A well known airline had 2 runway changes because of changing winds just while they were pushing back.
They finally departed runway 33 with midfield winds of 360 at 22. About a minute later a 744 on final for 7L got a wind report of “approach end 130 at 20, midfield wind 020 at 24”. The recently departed 757 reported a loss of 24 knots at 400 feet with moderate turbulence, while the arriving 744 reported a gain of 20 and a loss of 15 knots at 700 feet.

Didn’t this happen to UPS? I believe another UPS 747 diverted to FAI during this time.

Possible, I didn’t hear that one. I didn’t want to freak anybody out who might have relatives up that way. This was a Pax flight.