Creative flight for UPS from KSDF to KPIE


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Wouldn’t it have been better to just post UPS1338 and not have us go to that news article that then points back to here ?


easier link: … /KSDF/KPIE


Beat me to it, was just copying the link hehehe


I had a similar issue Sunday night/ Monday morning.
I could not get above the line over Wisconsin, but was on top of it across Michigan. … /KSLC/KBOS

I was asked at least 3 times by ATC how the ride was because they showed me “in an area of moderate to extreme precipitation that every one else is going around”

It was good to be above it at 43K, to bad that won’t work in another month or two.


I am glad you asked.

There is a back story.

I was drinking coffee and browsing reddit. I sit under the direct N2S approach to KPIE. I keep up with the time by the well established arrivals of the UPS flights. This morning everybody was off. The wind was from the south, gusting 15 to 25 mph and the clouds were scudding low into the approach squall just off shore. He was power on and well under the normal 25 hundred feet as he approached my line of sight. I could hear him before I was able to spot him in the scud. I id’d him on the KPIE Passur system and them brought up the Flight Aware track for KPIE. I clipped that and posted it here.
I can see now that he must have been directed north to find that hole over NC. These flights usually cut the corner with a an over water track for the approach to an entry spot into the TampaBay pattern just north of me. This flight paralleled the front NE2SW with just enough finesse to be just slightly ahead of the storm line. The tail of the front was still well out into the Gulf and bumping into the over night warmth and humidity coming off the coast. It was ugly here with straight line microbursts and lightning on the ground for the next 90 or so minutes. I would have to say that it was a magnificent piece of flying and creative ground support from his corporate center.


COA1781 FLL-ORD yesterday couldn’t find a hole through and had to divert to IAH for fuel before continuing on to ORD. … /KFLL/KORD

Here’s a pretty wild reroute for an AA MCO-ORD - … /KMCO/KORD

over 2000 miles flown on MIA-ORD … /KMIA/KORD



I can’t believe how far over the Gulf AAL1851 had to go to get around those storms!