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Would like to upgrade to newest FA & FR24 Feeder for Raspberry Pi

I’ve been feeding to FA & FR24 for a few years now. For whatever reason, my FR24 feed has died. It used to die about once every few months and all I needed to do was re-boot the R-Pi and all would be fine again. Now, nothing. My FA still works fine but FR24 won’t come back up.

Does anyone have some instructions on how to install the latest software so that I can run both again? It’s been so long since I installed the 1st one, I do not recall how I did it.



The for multiple feed the cleanest methods are:

  1. Easiest is to write Piaware sd card image to your microSD card, then after power up, install FR24 feeder by their bash script.

  2. Next clean option is to write Raspbian Lite image to your microSD card, then after power up install dump1090-fa and piaware by packages, and then install FR24 by their bash script.

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Thanks, that sounds so simple. If only I had some idea of what it all means.

  1. Where do I get the Piaware SD card image. Is there more than one to choose from? I’m sure to grab the wrong one.
  2. What is a bash script?

Its been a few years since I did this, so I feel like I’m learning from scratch again.

Can I load the SD card via my windows machine then put the card into the R-Pi, or do I need to do it all on the R-Pi?

Option (1) Piaware SD card image


Option (2) Raspbian image

Choose Raspbian Stretch LITE image





Bake a Pi

This is an old thread, so version numbers and links are outdated (use links given in my above post), but steps are still valid.

In this thread, OPTION-1 is for Piaware SD card image, OPTION-2 is for Raspbian Lite image.


Thank you. I’ll get started. Does one option have any advantage over the other? Also- do you know where I get my station data from? Once I wipe out the old files, I’ll probably lose it all. There must be some way to print out my old station/account data so that I can tell the new software who I am.

Given the cost of an 8 or 16G card, and that they do wear out, put your current card aside and start with a new one.

For piaware, all you need is the site’s “unique identifier” which is shown on your website stats page (you don’t need to copy it off the old sdcard or anything); you can configure the new sdcard with that ID (set feeder-id in piaware-config.txt) and it’ll resume feeding to the same site.

For Beginners - How to Get Back Existing Station Number in A Fresh Install

For FR24 key, go to following page and login:

After logging in, go to following page to find your FR24 feeder key: