Combining feeding FA and FR24, newest insights

Summary Requested for Fresh Installation

Can somebody describe, for a new installation and with all experience at hand, how to setup Piaware 3.3.0 and FR24 on the same Raspberry Pi?

With this hardware:
Raspberry Pi 3b
SD card 16 GB
FlightAware Pro Stick Plus

I don’t have a FR24 key, nor a FA key yet, so “double fresh”.

Thank you!

The easiest way is to use Joe’s Scripts.

You will need to get an FR24 key from them.

seems to me that you don’t have either piaware nether fr24 installed, piaware have a good tutorial on the forum and fr24 also, but don’t forget you need at first install rtl-sdr drivers.
if you need some help feel free to ask.

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