Worth Changing?


Hi Guys,

I am currently using one of these with a decent antenna and getting around 1,350 aircraft a day:
amazon.co.uk/NooElec-NESDR- … X5S0FPF43T

Im wondering is it worth me getting a FlighAware Pro Stick or ProStick plus? Woudl I gain much?


The main advantage of Pro Stick is the integral rf amplifier. I have been using 3 generic DVB-T, and replced two of these by Pro Stick (orange) and third one by Pro Stick Plus (blue).

My reception with Pro Stcks improved over generic DVB-T, but only after I added FA Filters. I needed filters because I live in an urban area with lot of Cell phone antennas above my building, and surrounding buildings as well. These cell phone signals overloaded the Pro Stick, and neede filter to remove these interfering signals. Your case may be different, and you may oy may not need a filter. Only trying Pro Stick with and without filter at your location can tell.


Thanl you for the reply. I am going to give the Pro Stick Plus a try I think, I get pretty good range with my genric dongle but I want more!!!