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Pro Stick + Filter vs Pro Stick Plus?


I currently have a Pro Stick and Fa filter was wondering if I swapped this out with a FA Pro stick plus would this be better? would I need the filter with the pro plus?



It depends on the location. Rural locations tend not to need filters as there isn’t much noise.
I have 5-10 cell towers within a few city blocks. My setup doesn’t work without cavity filters due to the noise.

Have you tried optimising the gain first. That can help more than filters and better amps.


It depends. I used the Pro Stick plus and the Pro Stick in the same setup, and the Plus seemed to get slightly better results, but really not much.

In my location, the FA filter did not do much good, mobile phone frequencies in Europe are higher and it did not filter out those. I used a cavity filter instead

Currently I got some improvement by using rtl-sdr blog lna and dongle. It was cheaper for me as I already had the dongle, for the price of both you could probably get a decent filtered preamp.

A lot also depends on the type of antenna you are using. Just finding a better spot for it is probably the best way to improve results.