For me the Prostick worth it

You can tell when I installed it :slight_smile:.

:open_mouth: :smiley:

I had about thr same resists.
Doubled messages per day and increase aircraft by about 15-20%.


RECEIVER #2 (Filter required)


My experience with Pro Stick is that Filter is a must with Pro Stick to get it’s real advantage.

  • {Pro Stic without Filter (requires reduced gain setting of 30 to 35 dB)} Performance less than {Generic DVB-T + Satellite Amplifier, gain setting “max”}.

  • {Pro Stic + Filter (gain setting “max”)} Performance better than {Generic DVB-T + Satellite Amplifier, gain setting “max”}.

Yes Filter is a MUST, my gain setting at 47.5 seems to be the best all round. Max I seemed to lose a few.

This thing is rocking for me now. New record for me in planes, Im getting over 1000 now.

You are the top talker in the area by far.
Did you tune the gain or make improvements to the Antenna?


Antenna is the same 8 ele Coco I built, just played with gain by hand till best results happened.

Yep. Mine jumped from under 100,000 messages a day to over 257,000. I’m working on a plan to move my equipment up over the house. I already have an anemometer 12’ over the roof. I’ll probably either mount the ADS-B rig on the same pole or on another pole at the other end of the roof.

Currently, it’s at the peak of the attic, about 26’ above the ground. At that level, according to heywhatsthat, it’s the highest point for several miles, except for a small point just SE of me. I haven’t seen too many planes over 250 miles way, but I have seen a few. Interestingly, I’m her in Austin and I apparently can often see ground level activity in San Antonio.

While I am not saying the pro stick is not good I haven’t seen any real gains with it in the past week since installing to.

I already have a filter so I didn’t buy the flight aware filter. I had an amp already and I was advised to remove it as it was probably messing with the pro stick. Well even with that removal not really any benefits. It seems to see more reports seen it would appear but when looking at the other reporters in the same area they too have increased over this same time so as a control I think it’s only reporting more because there are more planes currently.

Range has not increased either.

Now I have a direct tv power inserted in line and I am thinking of removing it to see if there are any benefits to be found.

I’ve been using the Flightaware antenna and recently added the Pro Stick/Filter combo. They have made a big difference for me and looking at my screenshot it is clear when I installed them. :slight_smile:

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I had similar experience. Increased performance 200%!


I’m jealous!

Where are you located, I wish I could see that many A/C per day.

Pretty limited with the mountains all around I have here in the Puget Sound.

I switched to one of these about 3 months ago and doubled my aircraft reporting and increased my messages by 300-400%. It’s a ADS-B dongle from Nooele.

I see the prostick is now available in Canada from, has anyone done the upgrade from this dongle to the prostick?, or is everyone just upgrading from the basic TV dongle.

I already have the filter, I’m just wondering if it’s worth the $20 or not to upgrade to the prostick.

I did and saw an improvement over the most recent NooElec with TCXO and an inline satellite amp that was not huge but it was noticeable. It was nice to be able to ditch the amp and power supply since the system is in my attic… one fewer piece of electronics up there. If you’re not running an external amp with the NooElec you’ll probably see a pretty good jump with the FA ProStick since it has an internal one.


I’ve tried an amp and saw very little gain in anything, so I must have things dialed in the best I can with the Nooelec unit…

Oh well its only $20 plus it removes one more connection in the antenna line so why not… I’ll post my results next week when I get it.

Installed a Pro stick, can you guess when? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: