World dc-10 military charter to RIV
does anybody know which airport it takes off from to go to Germany?
thanks in advance 8)

Often the outbound flight is 1 more or less than the inbound flight.

Start with your original flight number 8557: This flight flew EDDP-KBGR-RIV, leaving EDDP on 30 Jan

Subtract 1 to get 8556: This flight flew RIV-BGR, arriving at BGR at 1432 EST on 29 Jan. Though it doesn’t show a BGR-EDDP segment, there’s a good chance that it did to that segment.

Also take a look at other WOA flights between Germany and the USA. Many of them stop in BGR.

That is true of the KBGR IF like this one they are going to the West coast. Others staying on the East will go direct…like the one we’d get 2* EDDP-KIAD-KCHS.

WOA has a major base in ATL. They do govt charter flights to/from Europe and the Desert from ATL and other places. Most flights returning from Lipseig come into ATL…hope this helps

yes it does, but when returning home do the troops board the plane in kuwait city or Saddam International/Baghdad International?


thanks 8)