Military flight from Ramestein to BWI

A friend of ours is on the way home from Iraq. He is in Germany and will be leaving there shortly on a military flight to BWI. I would like to track this flight but only know that he is leaving from Ramestein Airforce base and arriving in BWI at approx. 10 PM tonight. Is it possible for me to find this flight and track it?

Thanks, Mike.

Keep checking the BWI Enroute/Scheduled To page. Click on “origin” to sort.

The link above should be sorted alphabetically bu ICAO code. The ICAO code for Ramstein is ETAR.

The flight may not appear until it is only 2-4 hours out.

Edit: You can click on Estimated Arrival Time to sort by the ETA.

Thank your friend for his service to our country.

If it is a military flight it will not be tracked here on FlightAware, but luckily most likely it we be a military charter on a civilian airliner which should be trackable. may be the flight he’s on.

I just heard NorthAmerican 980 flying over me. Looks like it’s the same plane.