Military Charters

I’m sure this has already been covered before but does FlightAware not have the ability to post tracking data on military charter flights? The reason I ask is my daughter left KNGU this morning on a North American Airlines B763, enroute to EDDP but there appears to be no information available for this flight. I checked this aircraft’s arrival from KVPS this morning and sure enough, it landed at NGU as tracked by FlightAware.

Again, apologize if this subject has been previously covered.

Charters are generally trackable, although North American may have some of their flight numbers blocked.

Are you sure it was on North American? An Omni flight left KNGU this morning headed to Europe: … /KNGU/EINN

Yes, it was a North American B763 heading to Leipzig/Halle then on to Kuwait City. The aircraft arrived at NGU around 0300 hours this morning from Eglin AFB and just dropped off the map. Probably being blocking because of the nature of the flight.

The aircraft could have been delayed at NGU for maint purposes
and/or The troops could have transferred to the OAE flight and/or the troops could be overnighting at NGU.

Not possible…like I said, my daughter was on that flight and when I last spoke to her, she was in her seat surrounded by a very loud bunch of soldiers and airmen! :smiley: