COA 1939 EWR - KWI 3.15.06


Charter to Kuwait March 15th from Newark on Aircraft 016
Operating under COA1939 - ETD 0600 ETA 0140.

What a route. Should have the return info tomorrow on the 15th.


COA1939 doesn’t show any flight to Kuwait (OKBK). Please verify the flight number.

Also, please remember to copy-and-paste the URL when mentioning a specific flight to make it easier for someone to look it up.


I don’t see anything yet but if it’s not until 0600EST tomorrow, we won’t see it for several more hours.


COA 1932 is out at 0615 est. Off at 0632 est enroute to KWI eta 0203 3.16.06

Aircraft registration is N57016

FlightAware isn’t picking anything up. Is it blocked?

Then operating as 1920 on the 16th from KWI - ULN
ETD 1700
ETA 0700 17th march

Then back to KWI


Where are you getting your information. I checked EWR and I checked all 777 flights and found nothing. COA1932 last flew on 5 March from MMMZ to IAH with a B733.


My information is coming from within Continental Airlines.
I wanted to see the route they filed going to KWI.

That’s what brought me to post.


COA 1939 operates from ULN to KWI on the 17th
ULN - 1800 etd
KWI - 2240 eta

COA 1939/18mar Will flightaware have the route to an from KWI?
KWI - 1400 etd
EWR - 1915 eta

COA 1939/19mar
EWR - 2030 etd
NGU - 2200 eta


Sour -is there anyway you can find out the Flt #s that COA uses for its Yankee charters?? Thanks in advance!