Looking to track IFR flights...

I am trying to track and IFR filed flight for N658JC. I know it took off from KCPS around 9 am CST but I can’t track it. It has another flight at 1400 CST and I would like to be able to track it too. Any help would be great.


Do you have any more information about this flight?

i.e. Where its destination was?

Was this on 2/14/07? Some more info would be helpful. Sometimes aircraft fly under a flight number. The only departure within hours of 9am is a C210. FA does not show the aircraft blocked, just not available.

The Flight originated from KCPS on 2/14/07 and was supposed to return to KCPS around 1300 CST. They ended up diverting to KSTL. They will depart KSTL at 1400CST for a 2 hour flight and return to KCPS. The aircraft is a CL604 s/n 5658. N658JC is the tail number but I can not track it. We have a flight scheduled for 0800 CST tomorrow 2/15/07 and I wonder if I will be able to track that flight…