COA 777 AC#19

Tomorrow 3.27.07 Continentals’ new T7 AC# 19 will be operating to EWR as flight 9970 with a 2000 departure after spending a few days in Hanger E at IAH.

Apparently COA Is breaking in aircraft 19 with the EWR BRU route and EWR DEL, if any one cares. AC 14 is up for a D check an a repaint. Say bye bye to Peter Max. :frowning:

Any guesses what route ac#20 will be broken into?

Short answer: NOT CLEVELAND! :cry:

Guessed answer: I’m not real familiar with which routes CO operates their T7s vs. their 767s, but I’d venture to guess that #20 would take over a high-revenue route currently being flown by a 764, which may be bumped to a route currently being served by a 762. They do still fly a few 767-200s, don’t they?