Flight from Ramestein Germany to BWI


A friend of ours is on the way home from Iraq. He is in Germany and will be leaving there shortly on a military flight to BWI. I would like to track this flight but only know that he is leaving from Ramestein Airforce base and arriving in BWI at approx. 10 PM tonight. Is it possible for me to find this flight and track it?

Thanks, Mike.


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Military flights are not tracked by flight aware since the information on them is not passed on by the FAA. There is a slim possibility the flight will be done by a civilian airline as a charter flight. If you enter the ICAO code for Ramstein into the appropriate box to the left you will see the civilian flights.The code is ETAR. I just tried it and don’t see anything going to BWI.
The other thing that might throw you off is if his flight stops somewhere else and he then transfers to a different flight to BWI.
Give him a big welcome home from all the users here.



In this case, the possibility of the military flight actually being a military aircraft is probably very slim. BWI is a major entry for military flights operated with chartered civilian aircraft.