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Unusual flight path

Good morning, I’m currently (4/20/19 at 11am eastern) tracking American Airlines 4975 from CLT to ROA. Is it possible this is a software thing or did this plane really go the “wrong” way then turn around? There is another small airport in the general vicinity where it did that reversal.

Update - takeoff time has how been updated and it seems this flight did take the normal amount of time… just interesting that there is what seems to be an incorrect trail leading to another airport and back. :slight_smile:

Somehow the flight to ROA got combined with the flight to PGV the aircraft made before.
The way back from PGV to CLT wasn’t tracked properly.
Now there is another flight that is the actual CLT to ROA leg:


Viewing by airframe gives you a good overview that there is some data gone haywire.
Probably because of canceled flights in the system.

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Thanks! I was wondering what could make that happen.

I’m not sure either but that’s my guess at least.

Flightaware get’s flightplan data from the FAA and if they get multiple flight plans because of changes due to the weather the system might get confused.

Also sometimes the callsign isn’t correctly set in the ADS-B transponder.
So they might have set the callsign for the flight to ROA when they flew to PGV.

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