Strange flight path


Check out this trip … /CYVR/PHOG

And all this travelling was done in just over five hours!


Looking at the tracklog, somehow that flight was erroneously reported to be within 1 degree of 0lat/0long a few times… sometimes the overwater reporting system has oddities like that.


Fast jet!


AA73 is showing the same type of flight path on 6/22 and 6/23. Probably for the same reason?


This is still happening on flights over the Pacific.

e.g. … /KSLC/PHOG

Obviously for me or other casual trackers it is just an annoyance but I wonder if this erroneous data is being used in “official” reports and whether there are any safety or security concerns.


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Good job! You gave us a clickable link and the flight for that day. Thank you! Sometimes people just give the link for the flight number and we sit around looking for the flight he was talking about. …A few days later.


I believe this is a FlightAware interpretation error that will be resolved this week.


This was fixed this evening and it should be a non-factor after today. We’ll retroactively correct the errors for past flights in the future.


Thank you, dbaker, for the solution and for keeping us informed.


Here is another weird route… … /KORD/KTVC


OK, who had today in the Eagleflight sweepstakes ? :wink:


The eagle flight issue is a known issue where they are operating duplicate flight numbers simultaneously.